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27 December 2011 @ 12:23
A Lesson in Apartment Acoustics  
I am aware, of course, that I live in a creaky old building. One which allows me to observe the wanderings of my upstairs neighbours and also occasionally hear bits of conversations from the people next door. These are things you learn to live with when you share walls and floors and ceilings with other people. Still, a person who has consideration for others will be considerate in the hopes that others will also do so, and thus create a lovely environment for all of us to live in peacefully.
Drunk Lady in the Hallway, you are not such a person.
While there are a wide variety of designs when it comes to apartments, no matter the materials or shape, you should all be aware of one thing: the hallwaysalways echo. There is not an apartment building I have been in that you cannot hear people in the hallway, though some might be that you must be near the door to do so. This is quite true in the hallway of my creaky old building. One of the guys from upstairs has a tendency to gallop down the stairs like a five-year-old on Christmas morning (much to my initial annoyance, now to much jealousy as I am not yet so mobile). I have learned to adjust to the sound of a herd of elephants going down the stairs. However, Drunk Lady in the Hallway, you managed to wake me from a sound sleep with your ramblings. No, Drunk Lady, the person you called for a ride who is now sitting in front of the building honking continually in the vain hope that you will cease your incessant talk so that you might be taken to another location to irritate and awaken those there can, as a matter of fact, not hear you shouting that you are on your way down the stairs (which you were not). I, on the other hand, snuggled warmly under blankets and cats, finally having a night where I slept properly and deeply for the first time in a week, can hear you. Had I more energy or a desire to leave my delightful cocoon, or had you continued simply one more minute longer, you should have faced the Wrath of the Rudely Awoken. Such wrath is not wished for.
I should hop that in the future, Drunk Lady in the Hallway, should you ever be awoken by any of your kin, a thought may occur to you that perhaps this is a sin you have visited upon many others, and that you should be more considerate and keep your bloody voice down when you're in the hallway of an apartment building. Because, you know, they echo. And there are doors to many rooms containing many other people in this same shared space. And sound travels.
Somehow, I doubt that. I shall endeavor to correct you should it happen again. Probably by enforcing the use of duct tape.
Placement: Winnipeg, Canada
Expressing: irritatedirritated
Soundtrack: Archon - The Fate Of Gods
pdprettydark on 27th December 2011 18:37 (UTC)
I'm not the intended recipient, but I did rather enjoy reading this.
Meanderthalmadfishmonger on 29th December 2011 01:03 (UTC)
I'm glad it amused someone