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01 January 2012 @ 22:20
The New Year's Adventures  
For NYE, the bf and I went to friend D's place for dinner with L, his girlfriend. D is a chef, and made us an absolutely delicious meal, I am not ashamed to admit I ate like a pig. Falafel, a couscous with fresh vegetables and olives and hot peppers, roasted eggplant and yam (I think) and a non-dairy yogurt with fresh mint for dipping. Everything was perfect on its own*, but the sauce added a whole other layer. I need millions to have him cook for me. I'd throw lavish parties with massive buffets. I'd throw random public parties too. Pick a community centre and have an open dinner...
We watched an episode of An Idiot Abroad: Bucket List which made me happy, because the only thing funnier than Karl Pilkington doing anything is Ricky Gervais losing his mind with laughter. We discovered Much Music was playing a live show of Electric Circus and I had something I posted end up on the screen. I got a message from a someone in the Maritimes who was also watching and recognized my name. We drove to bf's place and had a few drinks before walking the 15 minutes or so to the club. My ankle's doing alright for walking now most of the time. We get to the club, don't get charged a cover and come into a strange and cavernous room. There was a raised stage with a dancefloor on the right and a square bar around a pole in the middle. Some booths along the wall to the left and behind us and a large empty space. In the back we could see a mountain of stacked tables and chairs behind a wall of long tables. It felt like we were not permitted to sit. L and I went to the bathroom where we encountered a group of beautiful women lamenting that there were not any men at the club worthy of their New Year's kiss (she used that wording). L and I encountered our wide-eyed boyfriends to the tune of some top 40 dance hit. Clearly, this was not the party we were looking for. Since it was quarter to twelve, we had a drink and toasted in the new year. I had sent a text to someone at the party and gotten the address. It was the little bar three blocks from bf's house. We made it back (me with quite a sore ankle) to see Chris Komus and I managed to even do a little dancing. L, myself and a friend of L's were among the people accosted by two drunk men. One of the mean was leaning against me for a little while, making it seem as though he didn't intend to be. At one point he rubbed his hand across my back. I turned around and loudly said "Don't fucking touch me.", just as boyfriend was coming over. They leaned on women (one trying to rest his head on a far-too-polite woman's shoulder), rubbed up against them, tried to hug them or cop a feel as they went by.
Just as a little aside here: what planet do you live on where it's acceptable to just walk up to total strangers and touch them? What in your life has ever shown you that this is a totally okay thing to do? Has this ever worked? I once asked this of a man who spent five minutes detailing the benefits of my performing oral sex on him. I didn't get an answer. I can't see how it would. It's terrifying. Both L and I get punchy when we're faced with aggressive groping men, and it really puts a damper on a fun evening. It puts you on alert, on the defensive, like you're tensing up ready to jump or scream. Not very relaxing. I think we really need to discuss what the clear rules are here about how you behave in public and how you deal with people who treat others badly. I think sometimes we do nothing because we don't know what to do, but nothing isn't the answer.
The night ended well with lots of laughter and I woke up to a lazy morning of video games and cats.

This year I'm going to focus on what I am gaining, not what I am losing and as Xerxes and Jin have taught me, I need to do a lot more playing and cuddling (specifically with them, but I'm allowed to on my own time). I've discovered that if I stand just right I can dance or hula hoop for a little while.I've also got a long to-do list that I am not going to allow to go unfinished.Too many of my bad habits have too. I am going to kill them in the face with bears. It's the only way.

*reminded me of a zen koan: the Emperor goes to meet a prominent zen master who serves him a dinner. There is only one item, and the Emperor is surprised, but upon tasting it's perfection. The zen master had served him one perfectly boiled radish. The Emperor leaves enlightened by the beauty of simplicity.
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