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23 February 2012 @ 08:42
Dreaming of Space  
I dreamed I was on the moon, in some kind of empty base. I could float (at will) and I was having a great time moving about the base by floating along near the ceiling and using corners and doorways to fling myself along, using the momentum. I remember one part where I was going down an inclined hallway and got some good speed, so when I flung myself around the corner I went flying down the next hall. It was fun. I also went out on the moon's surface (apparently I don't need a space suit or anything). It was beautiful. I visited again, this time the moon base was full of people. I was telling them how getting around the base was so much easier if you floated around, and I was describing how to use the momentum. I decided to go outside on a sort of hover-bike thing, but as I left, a spaceship was taking off. I was directly under it, and the intense pressure (no heat or burning, just pressure, which didn't affect me) from the thrusters kept me from going too high on my vehicle. I remember looking up at this immense circle of blue fire coming from the bottom of the ship, it was strangely beautiful.
Placement: moon
Expressing: sleepysleepy