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18 April 2012 @ 09:44
Elderly cat spraying  

I moved in to my boyfriend's house about a month ago, bringing my two cats Xerxes (15) and Jin (2) to live with Boots (18). Boots used to live with another cat and was fine at first. As long as no one interrupted his nap or delayed feeding time, he didn't mind. I think he has a crush on Xerxes but she is still growling at him. In the last week or so, we've caught Boots intentionally spraying on things. He doesn't seem to be letting go of his bladder so much as he's spraying like they do when they're in heat, so I think it's an attitude problem more than a physical one. How do I make this stop because this needs to stop right bloody now. The smell is nauseating, and I can't seem to get things clean. I've tried everything in the cupboard! I am going insane, any suggestions for cleaning or cat behaviour help is appreciated.

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Expressing: disgusted
sinfullly_yours on 19th April 2012 02:32 (UTC)
Were you the one i was telling about the lemon? Maybe not? Anyways i heard that Lemon and Citrus scented things poured and scrubbed onto the area where they pee should prevent them from peeing there, but, he will just go find another spot. Cats go back on their pee spots for some reason, so that really doesn't solve your problem, but man, it IS frustrating. My cat Shadow did that, and we had to get rid of her because Nova was just little, so good luck.
Meanderthalmadfishmonger on 20th April 2012 17:45 (UTC)
I've heard hta about grapefruit, so that's an option too. Someone told me to use white vinegar, so I am going to try that. I remember putting a little bowl of vinegar somewhere to help with a smell (or inside a microwave), so I am going to try that. I am starting to worry he might have a bladder infection though.