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25 November 2012 @ 15:27
Linky time  
Here are some links to some fun things that amuse me:

http://fyeahtattoos.com Tattoos and plenty of them. I am really interested in the abstract, watercolour style and the 3-D blackwork that seem to be the fads these days. Some not so good, some nice but things I would never get, and some super gorgeous jaw-dropping work. My tattoo was featured on it, but their search engine and tagging is AWFUL and I can't find it. If you can find the post of my tattoo, you get a cookie.

http://madartlab.com/ Constant amusement. Don't visit this site if you have things to do today. Art, science and all the fun things in between. Did you know I had a guest post on this blog?

Hyperbole and a Half If you're one of the like 10 people on Earth who hasn't seen this yet, you're welcome. Prepare to laugh until it hurts.

The Kid Should See This - Things for kids that are not necessarily for kids. You don't need kids to enjoy it, but if you have one, get together and check this page out.

You can also have a look at all the people I follow on Tumblr -

Aristocratic Elegance - gorgeous clothes, architecture and all things draped in lace and velvet.

ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS Just what it sounds like, and consistently funny.

Gothic Charm School - Old school goth awesomes.

Vandal Eyes Army - because googly eyes on things make them more fun.

Goths Up Trees - When my ankle heals I am so planning a photoshoot for this blog. It shouldn't be as funny as it is.

Shit My Students Write - insights into the minds of strange, strange people.

OMG That Dress - A fantastic collection of vintage clothing and accessories. They do themed days, where they will post about a specific designer, style or time period.


Doctor Cat, MD cuteness warning, may cause squee

Questionable Content

Tree Lobsters

Pusheen the Cat cuteness warning, may cause squee.

Scenes From a Multiverse

Dinosaur Comics

Wondermark make sure to read the hovertext

Something Positive


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Zen Pencils perfect for a pick-me-up for when you need inspiration

Axe Cop because you know a comic written by a 5-year-old is going to be awesome

Also, thank you LJ for saving the draft of this post. I spent like an hour getting this post together and the breaker blew, shutting off everything. Draft and sanity saved!
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