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19 December 2012 @ 21:13

So the surgery seemed to go well, I was only in there for about an hour. However I seem to have had a terrible reaction to a post-surgery drug (probably morphene) they gave me that has made the last couple days go by in a haze of pain, fever and vomiting. I am finally starting to feel myself again and I'm able to eat a little. The best part of course though has been that despite the stitches and the aching of my foot knitting itself back together, the excruciating nerve pain I have felt there for months is apparently gone. I can put my foot in positions I wasn't able to before, and it feels wonderful. The specialist had several other surgeries that day so I was unable to get any details, but I'll find out everything when I see him next week to get the bandages off. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, he may have removed the offending bone chip but there may be more damage yet. All I know is I have been able to take a few steps without the horrible knife-in-my-foot feeling, and that feels like hope to me.

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Expressing: cautiously optimistic
Meanderthal: Lightsmadfishmonger on 26th December 2012 19:59 (UTC)
Thanks, I'll post an update after seeing the doctor tomorrow.