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27 December 2012 @ 15:51
Post-Surgery Update  
So I saw the surgeon today, and good news abounds. The cause of the terrible pain I was feeling was in fact a bone chip stuck in a nerve, so he removed the bone chip and took out some "other stuff" (scar tissue I think) to ensure that the nerve wouldn't get caught again. I'm off crutches and will wean myself off the cane in about two weeks. I should be back and walking in about a month. I'll be working back up to going to work again. My ankle will never be totally perfect again, I have torn ligaments and those will always be sensitive and injury-prone. I need to be careful and not hurt myself again, but I should be able to walk and ride a bike and do normal everyday things again.

sinfullly_yours on 27th December 2012 23:39 (UTC)
That is AWESOME news. :)
Meanderthalmadfishmonger on 28th December 2012 19:41 (UTC)
Maybe it won't be too long until I can dance again.